BK LTRG General Meeting Minutes February 4th, 2014

Brooklyn Long Term Recovery Group February 4, 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:36

Introduction of board members in attendance

Eric Williams, Will Fairhurst, Richard Vernon, Peter Cavadini, Elizabeth Malone – 2nd vice chair

1. Advisory Committee to encourage participation

Details will follow at March meeting

2. Introduction of new attendees

Richard Rosario construction manager for NHS working out of Canarsie

Laurie Benblatt Disaster Distress Helpline

Robert McCool FAC

David Neustadt

3. Announcements:

Foreclosure event at PAAC Canarsie, 2/8

Rebuild Symposium 2/13, Centennial Temple TSA

Citifield is hiring seasonal workers

We Care New York Care for the Caregiver presentation 2/6

Laurie Benblatt – MHNY grant from disaster distress hotline – for workers, survivors, dcm’s offering long term

support & care. Helpline offers local resources and 100 languages. disaster distress helpline

Sandy Help desk in Red Hook (+ Insurance counseling) architects, engineers

ANHD loan options for elevation , 50 Broad St. 2/20, 3p-5p, RSVP to Eric Williams.

4. Elizabeth Malone: Committee Review

White paper from Elizabeth Malone re: insurance If you have 20 linear feet in basement and have drywall

it will be considered a living floor. That is how the NFIP will consider the lowest living floor. Your flood

insurance will be calculated accordingly.

How will this be communicated to homeowners? Homeowners should speak to their individual NFIP.

NHS of East of Flatbush has a vetted list of NFIP Agents.

Senate approved delay of provisions for Biggert Waters. While it gives breathing space, it doesn’t hold back

the ocean. The issue of $25 billion debt. It has not passed the house. The hope is that the 4 years delay will

help coastal home owners become more resilient. 40% of NYC homeowners are low and moderate income

homeowners, not wealthy owners..

Brooklyn Recovery fund report: Jacqueline suggests that it is studied

DCM’s want to bring cases to the LTRG for funding and put energy behind the table.

Rev. Anthony Contact Manny and Rev. Hall re: resources: Lawrence Blaber is in contact with Alan Fong &


Construction: one rebuild org per ‘hood.

DCM’s need resources

FEMA has a grant bulletin, Sergey to distribute

Suzan – Local grants: Costco, Target, Banks

Fundraising is combined with volunteer coordination: dormant, Dana Nelson, Monica Coleman,

Write a description of Fundraising committee: grant. Donations


Fundraisers: Madeleine, Peter (Jill???)

go to organization for dues

Time for individual cases. BTLRG should be an Unmet Needs

List of Committees, extant and

DCMcapacity building is focus for dcm committee. best practices. DCM has policies and procedures

(subcommittee can help) if not solvable witihnin committee, they take a vote and then bring to the larger


Jill needs to step down from chair of Policy and Advocacy.

Marina – Brighton Beach, 6pm-8pm Housing Meeting.

Deadline for NYDIS capital grant for volunteer housing is Monday. See Peter C.

Next Meeting 3/4. 9:30 TBD

Introductions: matt Baker TSA

Sara Martin CNYCN. Training and Support Coordinator. just beginning involvement. liaison between

city and Botg agencies. Works with ANHD. May have capacity building grants for communities affected

by disasters. RISA from World Cares Center – lots of trainings for volunteers, community members and


Groups who want to make presentations or topics of interest

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.

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