Construction/Volunteer Committee holds joint meeting with DCMs

May and June have been good months for Sandy recovery in Brooklyn. The DCM committee is now working with rebuild and volunteer organizations active in the borough and have established a mechanism to vet cases for rebuild. Cases are first brought to the DCM Committee, where experienced case managers go over client qualifications to create a solid case to present to the Construction/Volunteer committee. This simple method saves a lot of work for the rebuild and volunteer organizations, enabling them to focus on returning Brooklyn Sandy survivors back into safe households.

Next DCM meeting: Tuesday June 24th at 10am. The Location: Catholic Charities, 191 Joralemon St, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

CONTINUE THE MISSION WITH US: All DCMP and non DCMP providers are welcome.  For more information or to receive a copy of the guidelines, contact Dana F. Nelson

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