NYC Sandy Update:One City, Rebuilding Together

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a series of changes to the Build It Back program. His administration released a report on the City’s recovery process so far and the changes going forward. Please find the report here. Some highlights include:

  • Goal of 500 construction starts and 500 reimbursement checks issued by the end of summer
  • Eliminating priority level requirements for rebuilds, reimbursements, or acquisition.
  • Addressing temporary displacement from homes during construction
  • Variety of interagency streamlining and cooperation (additional staff, working groups, and regional collaboration)
  • Prioritizing workforce development and local hiring in reconstruction
  • Engaging with communities and community organizations with borough Build it Back directors
  • Build a system to track applications online and submit additional paperwork
NYC 4-17-2014 Sandy Report

NYC 4-17-2014 Sandy Report


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