Proposed Action Plan Amendment 8 to CDBG released 12/19/14

The city has finalized its execution of the HUD CDBG for the third and final tranche of federal money in this amendment. Click here to read the amendment in its entirety. Big changes have been fiercely advocated for by our elected officials with the testimony over several hearings by survivors, long term recovery groups, community based organizations, small business advocates and the NYS DCMP on behalf of their clients, among others.

Here is the joint testimony  presented at the NYC Council’s Committee on Recovery and Resiliency that we signed on to with our community and long term recovery partners on 9/18/14, which includes specific foreclosure suggestions outlined by board member Will Fairhurst. Please note that many of the policies advocated therein were championed by our city council.
Board Member Elizabeth Malone also presented testimony on 11/15/14 on behalf of the BLTRG board of directors regarding Insurance titled “Risk, Resiliency and Reality”.

While we salute the work of our elected officials, we also wish to acknowledge the advocacy and depth of knowledge evidenced by our communities, the organizations who serve them and the ongoing labor of our membership and board. Bravo to you all.

PUBLIC HEARINGS are scheduled for January. Click here for the schedule. The Brooklyn hearing is on our events calendar. Remember to check social media or call 311 to confirm meetings.

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